Salomé Chatriot

Salomé Chatriot



Artiste, Filmmaker . She merges elements of technology with organic parts to create physical, virtual and performative spaces where electronic sculptures and digital images coexist.

In her work, physical processes like breathing and heart beating activate mechanical processes, resulting in a symbiosis between human bodies and technological devices. While refusing to embrace a prevailing pessimism about technological progress, she seeks for opportunities to expand our intimate relationships with technologies. In addition, she explores issues of identity, gender and sexuality through a distinctly erotic component, while it also challenges dominant narratives.

In 2021, Salomé Chatriot got selected for workshop Biennale College Arte by Cécilia Alemani for the 59th Venice Art biennale. In the meantime she directed her first movie Our Symbiosis Infected her Fertile Systems curated by Boris Magnini, produced by Unfinished Camp, a proposition from Hans-Ulrich Obrist and András Szantó and was shown at Shed Museum in New York and HEK in Basel.

She performed in various places including Lafayette Anticipations and Palais de Chaillot in Paris, in Gstaad with the Luma Foundation, and most recently in Teatros del Canal in Madrid. This July, a selection of her films, videos, paintings and sculptures will be shown in Kunsthalle Bielfeld for an exhibition exploring cross relationships between art and technology: Between Pixel and Pigment. Hybrid Painting in Postdigital Times.