“RUTAS. Relatos Universitarios de Paz en Colombia”

“RUTAS. Relatos Universitarios de Paz en Colombia”

Mauricio Rivera Henao / Paula Rendón Cardona (Colombia)

Relatos Universitarios de Paz en Colombia RUTAS, is a web platform that presents the analysis of news belonging to journalistic media that are part of the Colombian Network of University Journalism, which deal with the Armed Conflict in Colombia, the Memory of the Victims and the Peace Process between the years 2000 and 2021.

RUTAS inaugurates for the national context interests of representation of the armed conflict in the country, from the methodological crossroads from the Big data and the discursive sense of the stories of journalistic content, to propose other pedagogical perspectives and public opinion that contribute to the roads in transit to peace building.

Link: https://rutas.com.co/