Rosa Angelini

Rosa Angelini



Interdisciplinary artist, filmmaker, musician, immersive sound designer, performance, new media; artistic director and producer. His work focuses on the intersection of art, technology and nature, with works of an environmental nature and indigenous peoples. In recent years, he has specialized in making audiovisual and musical pieces of an immersive and ritual nature, generating sensitive and meaningful experiences for the viewer, promoting the search for balance for humans in relation to nature.

He directs “Immersion in the mapu – Koneltu ti mapu mu”, an immersive audiovisual rite with the spirits of nature, a work premiered in March 2022 at the Stgo Media Arts Biennial at the National Museum of Fine Arts and presentations at the Womad International Festival, as an installation of immersive sound.

Director of the interdisciplinary work “There is a conspiracy on earth” (2019-2021) and of “Volkana 360″, an immersive media and musical work. (2023) Founder of “Immersion in the earth, laboratory of immersive experiences”; Network managers, international network of women workers in the arts; and producer of “Sounds in me, women and dissidence in music”. By profession Filmmaker, specializing in directing, U.Arcis and with a degree in Education in Visual Arts, UAHC.