Rolando Carmona


Rolando Carmona

Venezuela – France

Independent curator of contemporary art. His work focuses on artistic theories and practices that challenge anthropocentric and binary worldviews from an intersectional perspective, with an emphasis on art derived from post-digital culture. With this in mind, his current projects focus on AI, hybrid ecosystems and queer art generated by BIPOC communities.


In Venezuela he participated in the creation of two cultural institutions (Squat MUEM and Museo Manaure) and in Paris he worked for eight years in the workshop of Nicolas Schöffer, pioneer of cybernetics applied to art. He currently collaborates with several galleries and private museums in Europe, including the Rautenstrauch-Joest-Museum (Cologne, Germany).


He has extensive experience in the design of exhibition projects with important international artists such as: Zach Blas, Gregory Chatonsky, Carlos Martiel, Juan Downey, Alexander Apostol, Sol Calero, Nicolas Schöffer, Eduardo Kac, Regina José Galindo, Paolo Cirio Daniel Arsham, AES+F, Christto and Andrew, Carlos Alejandro Motta.