“Rogamos disculpen las molestias”

“Rogamos disculpen las molestias”

Juan Carlos García-Sampedro Ferrero (Spain)

It often seems that we have to ask permission to exist. The world does not adapt to anyone. Neither does fate. It is as if in our daily lives, shrinking to fit or stretching to reach is an uncomfortable constant.

Nothing is as it is sold to us and it is time to walk, as Lou Reed sang, on the wilder side of life.
The world progresses on a razor's edge in stubborn uncertainty about its future, between periods of horror, seconds of love and times of oblivion.

With the leitmotiv of the classic song "Qué será, será" in intertwined versions in open dialogue with carefully selected archival footage, I have tried to approach that feeling of random abandonment that sometimes accompanies us as a society.