Rodrigo Garate

Rodrigo Garate

Metropolitan Technological University



Visual artist, Visual Communication Designer (Metropolitan Technological University) and Master in Media Arts (Universidad de Chile).

Teacher in the courses "Design Workshop I, II and III" and "Typography" at the Universidad Tecnológica Metropolitana and in the courses "Web Design" and "Mobile Design" at INACAP.

It has a wide production of works that discuss the relationships between word, image, sound and movement. The driving axis of all his works and experiments in recent years is the text-image relationship, the alteration of meaning and the continuity of the possible narrative of both instances as a whole for open reading, articulating a parallel between the text that becomes characteristics of image and the image that is built as one more sentence. He currently participates in the Study Group, FONDECYT Project "Samples and loops in contemporary poetry" in discussion groups, exhibitions, seminars and talks.