“Ritmo 2021”

“Ritmo 2021”

Luis Fernando Medina Cardona / Julián David Sandoval (Colombia)

" Ritmo 2021" is the product of a research-creation process carried out at the Faculty of Arts of the Universidad Nacional de Colombia (Bogotá) by the research group "Espacio de Producción Abierta de Medios" (Open Media Production Space). It is based on a formal experimentation with abstractions initially inspired by the short film "Rhythmus 21" by Hans Richter (Germany, 1921) and proposes the computer code as a new materiality for audiovisual creation.

This version, called "prototype" because the short film can be considered a computer program, is a video representation of the original program coded in the creative coding language Processing. All images and sounds were generated by computer code in this language, thus questioning the old duality between image and words, since the entire proposal was written in instructions to be interpreted by a computer.

In this way, a new paradigm of audiovisual production is experienced in which the workflow is closer to software production than to classical audiovisual creation. Due to its mixed media characteristics, this project can be considered an experimental short film, an animated short film or a piece of software art.