Carmen Gil – Camilo Giraldo – Juan David Castaño – Juan Manuel Toro – Vladimir Giraldo


This Colombian artistic project not only feeds the ears, retroViSOR makes music visible by synchronizing its mix of rock, electronic, cumbia and Latin American sounds with indigenous chants, old ballroom hits and thumping beats intertwined with live controlled video. Haus der Kulturen der Welt, Berlin.
retroViSOR is a musical-audiovisual project formed in the city of Bogotá in 2004 by Camilo Giraldo and Carmen Gil Vrolijk, currently also accompanied by Juan David Castaño, Juan Manuel Toro and Vladimir Giraldo; the project covers various formats from Dj-Vj sessions and medium-format LiveAct ensembles to video mapping and large-format projections and events. 4Chicha! It is his 3rd record work, in this new work retroViSOR rescues his first searches in sound and image, while integrating his most recent orientations. In chicha! rock and electronics merge with rhythms such as mambo, porro, cumbia and mapalé.


They have performed at Expo Shanghai, Northern Norway Festival, Haus der Kulturen der Welt - Berlin, Maison de las cultures du Monde - Paris, Sfinks Festival - Belgium, Sugar Factory - Amsterdam, Ollin Kan Festival - Mexico and Portugal, Rock al Parque, La Fete de la Musique – Colombia and Estudio Abierto in Buenos Aires, among others.