Exploratory Residency 2018

<h2><strong><span style="»color:" #767676;»>Exploratory Residence<br>Cartographies of the Imaginary</span></strong></h2>
<h5><strong><span style="»color:" #767676;»>Alejandro Escobar<br>Frederick Goez</span></strong></h5>
<h5><strong><span style="»color:" #767676;»>Colombia</span></strong></h5></b>
It is an artistic installation with an analog component and a digital one. The analogous component is a paper sculpture whose structure resembles interconnected tunnels. Its surface shows a multiplicity of city photographs arranged in such a way that the contrasts and gaps that separate multiple realities are evident; stray dogs, passers-by, streets, businesses, homeless people, high-end vehicles, slums, buildings, bars, prostitution, schools. All connected to each other from a process of digital retouching in which visual connections are built between one another (Meta-image).

This sculpture is a small scale copy of a large scale digital model. Through the use of headphones and a 360 video viewer, the viewer enters these digital tunnels and is carried away on a visual and sound expedition through the large-scale Meta-image.

In this way, the installation challenges the perception of the spectator and invites him to build a mental image of the city that is nourished by the rereading of what is seen in the physical plane and in the virtual plane.