Residence Design + Creation 2018

<h2><strong><span style="»color:" #767676;»>Residence Design + Creation<br>Cartographies of the Imaginary</span></strong></h2>
<h5><strong><span style="»color:" #767676;»>Claudia Oliveira</span></strong></h5>
<h5><strong><span style="»color:" #767676;»>Portugal</span></strong></h5></b>
What if in order to experience a work of art, you had to be in a specific place at a certain time?
time of the day? What if you had to be near a river, at a high altitude, move fast, or be
completely still? What if this work of art only exists when it rains?
Cartographies of the Imaginary is a collaborative project that aims to collect digital art from the local community, artistic community and place it throughout the city of Manizales, creating an alternative map imagined by the artists. The information we can get from our phones provides us with a lot of information, such as where are the users & what they are doing. This information (gained from the gyroscope, gps, microphone, camera, clock, etc.) could be used to create specific places in space and time where art exists. A sound piece inspired by a sunset that only exists during sunset, a game that can only be played in a specific place in the city, a chatbot that only talks to you when it's sunny.

It is up to artists to imagine how their art exists and under what circumstances it comes to life.