Residencia Artística: “Audiocefalea”

Residencia Artística: “Audiocefalea”

Martina Paz Mella Yáñez (Chile)

Audiocefalea consists of an auditory-sound research that revolves around the dehumanization of listening, and how anthropic intervention has been modifying the different sound ecosystems in the area of Manizales.

Faced with the perennial question "How to inhabit an ecosystem from a non-human point of view", it could be that the answer does not lie in putting ourselves in the shoes of others. Much less in changing the axis of our gaze, but in situating ourselves in other ways of listening. 

Thus, it would be possible to perceive beyond anthropocentric sight and hearing to, at last, become listeners of the extinction of the bios as a way to dimension - even if only a little - the problem of human hegemony.

It is to become audio species that inhabit the everyday while we carry the cold head of a fading otherness; a presence cut by the industry that today becomes a rite of passage to reintegrate into the ecosystem.