«Qatipana towards a Future of Latin American Cosmotechnics»

«Qatipana towards a Future of Latin American Cosmotechnics»

Renzo Filinich (Chile) – Table A – Persistences Academic Forum

The present essay revolves around the concepts and processes of Becoming and Individuation through a hybrid ecosystem whose architecture is named Qatipana (Quechua word that denotes the flow of information processing systems), although it cannot be considered as a systems theory, it has the usefulness of being able to explain some empirical observations presented here; and where a functional model based on the articulation of an information processing system supported by the approaches of the philosopher Gilbert Simondon is evidenced; this research aims to observe a sensorimotor cycle performed by the cognitive system of an Artificial Intelligence agent.

To establish this biologically inspired model, we use the concepts of information and modulation in Gilbert Simondon and information in the cybernetics of Norbert Wiener and Stafford Beer. These resources force us to ask the following question: How does the mono-technologism and computerization of cultural techniques influence the very nature of the knowledge of the affect of being with others (people, things, animals)? To answer this question we offer an interdisciplinary study (arts, sciences, information technologies) on the effect of this symbiosis and how it can be seen in the full use of knowledge about the foundations of living and non-living matter.

In conclusion, the implications and limitations of this model and the research being conducted to present its usefulness and likelihood as a technodiversified model of the algorithmic cognitive system are part of the communication and decision affect issues provided by this cybernetic system.