Adeline Charneau / Pablo Andrés Cardona Correa (France - Colombia)

PUENTE. The bridge is the passage. The passage between two worlds. The passage to cross and/or to free oneself from geopolitical and environmental challenges. But it is also, and above all, a place where people cross and sometimes meet. From this encounter a third world is born, the bridge is the witness of the incessant movements of a plural world in constant evolution of the interrelationships between human beings.

Like Luis Alberto, SPINETTA built an artistic bridge with his song "Cantata de puentes amarillos", through his encounter with the writings of Antonin ARTAUD, in particular "Le suicidé de la société", a tribute to VAN GOGH, and also with the pictorial work "The Englishman's Bridge - 1888".

PUENTE is the meeting between Adeline CHARNEAU (Digital Art, France, Bordeaux) and Pablo Andrès Cardona Correa (Music, Colombia, Manizales). Together, they work on the representation of the dynamics of flows, vibrations, energies, links and networks, it is the creation of a new world in the pluriverse.

PUENTE is not a border... it is the place of all possibilities.