«Project XX=XX Wiki format applied to research-creation in dance»

«Project XX=XX Wiki format applied to research-creation in dance»

Daniel Enrique Monje Abril / Yudy Morales Rodriguez / Dora Inés Lopez Molina / Paulina Avellaneda / Ana Cecilia Vargas Núñez (Colombia)

Uniagustiniana / Francisco José de Caldas District University

The XX=XX project was developed as a research-creation space of the Dance Art Program of the Faculty of Arts ASAB between January and August 2021. The research-creation methodological proposal was carried out with an autoethnographic approach, based on the existence of a virtual space that operates as a platform for creation and documentation system at the same time.

The articulation space of this project was made through a Wiki platform with the intention of making the creation processes more flexible, strengthening the autonomy of the people involved and creating a detailed documentation of all the processes at the same time.

Although a significant number of the participants were able to satisfactorily conclude their processes using this strategy, there are many difficulties associated with their teaching work and their relationship with technology. The artistic results can be seen on the project's website www.xxigualxx.net.