«Technosexual pleasures: towards a transhuman sexuality»

«Technosexual pleasures: towards a transhuman sexuality»

Valeria Radrigan (Chile) Table C – Connectographies

The paper analyzes sex-affective experiences with new technologies designed for erotic (and eventually amorous) satisfaction such as toys, robotics and artificial intelligences. It is considered that the use of these devices reveals the emergence of post-human bonds that force the need to culturally redefine what we understand by love and sex, until now experiences strongly anchored in human and corporeal inter-subjectivities.

In a process of objectification of people and personalization of objects, we propose the consideration of unprecedented pleasures that modify our corporeality and expand the prevailing sex-affective paradigms. In this task, the aesthetic and performative consideration of technologies, as well as the attention to the speculative potential of new media artworks is central, insofar as they allow us to imagine future trajectories of our affections and our sexuality.

In turn, the paper contributes to filling a knowledge gap in contemporary sexological, cyborg theory and performativity studies by considering non-human machinic keys to approach the discussion.