«Visual perspective in social research»

«Visual perspective in social research»

Viviana Grisales (Moderator and speaker) / Natalia Rincón / Leidy Marcela Castaño / Jackeline Arias / Sergio Gaviria / Carolina Izquiero / Jonathan Izquierdo / Alejandra Molina / María Clemencia Vallejo / Zuly Katrerine Moreno and Andres Felipe Castrillón | Scientific Colombia Program. Reconstruction of the Social Fabric in post-conflict areas in Colombia

From the social sciences and ethnographic processes, the perspective should not only be governed by classical research methodologies, but also from other non-conventional ways of showing realities. Social research should be characterized by the integration of artistic, cultural, visual and digital processes that contribute to the construction of an interdisciplinary reflection.

The techniques and instruments of fields that open up to the visual impact of the phenomenon and these impact the work of professionals. But it is not only the research structure that is chosen, but also the participation of the political subjects that we find in the territories, subjects that appropriate their processes and contribute to their construction.

In the research exercise, the visual perspective plays a mediating role in the actions in the field, which allows transforming the realities of the people who inhabit the territories, enabling new perspectives in the communities.

The visual experience allows us to take a broader and deeper look at the memories, histories, resistance, gender perspectives and conflicts that converge in the life dynamics of the inhabitants of the three departments and six municipalities that experienced the armed conflict in Colombia.