"Green screen"

"Green screen"

Sergio Pacheco Pajuelo (Peru)

The screen -like windows- are physical and symbolic frames that serve as interfaces of an increasingly diffuse inside and outside. It is through these frames -and their digital reproductions- that we can observe the exterior and interior reality: we see and let ourselves be seen; however, how much control do we have over these spaces and reproductions, how much decision do we have over our own image?

With this exercise I present an aesthetic approach to the sensory experience of the domestic space from virtuality, exposing the relationship between my room and the digital world, in which the continuous connection with the "outside" seems to fracture and section the interiority itself, exposed through a series of multiple perspectives of what would be (apparently) the same body in the same time and space.

Likewise, the frame can also be understood as a space of projections: a fictional space that takes the green as a possible escape route to digitalization; using the illusion of nature as a direct opposition to virtual space.