«Imaginary Machine Landscapes»

«Imaginary Machine Landscapes»

esteban agosín (Chili)

«Imaginary Machine Landscapes» is a sound experience and an ecosystem produced by the dialogue between the situational soundscape and the machine interpretation of the environment.

Through an Artificial Intelligence system, this object/machine creates new imaginary soundscapes from what this machine hears and interprets from the environment, generating new territorialities from a specific place and its sounds, but also from its social and cultural aspects.

The system relocates and recategorizes information from the environment in real time and reproduces sounds from other territories and ontologies, questioning the conflict of the local and the global, and also questioning the territorial identity in counterpoint with the landscapes created by the machines.

The sounds are acoustically deployed in a new natural territory, based on how the system understands the environment, thus reinterpreting the reality of the site. Thus, the system generates a complex and juxtaposed sonic listening situation, between here and there, between nature and machine, between the real and the imaginary.