Pablo Andres Cardona Correa

Pablo Andres Cardona Correa


Pablo Andrés Cardona Correa (Colombia) Bachelor of Music with emphasis in electric guitar. Studies at Universidad de Caldas. Studies in instrument with Maestro Benjamín Cardona Rodriguez. Also, in other training experiences with teachers such as Martín Porto and Andrés Cabrera Gajewski, in Manizales with the instructor, musician and producer Juan Pablo Yepes.

He has received training in musical production of audio pieces and mixing concepts through processes offered by SENA. Winner of a partial scholarship in the production career in EMU music education, music and audio school located in the city of La Plata, Argentina. 

He is currently working on production activities of his own material and material of other artists, in an independent way. Recently, his work has focused on sound experimentation using electronic sounds, electric guitar, percussion machines and synthesizers. Thus was born the Venera7 project. Meditations on the changes of state. The exit of the corporal dimension.

All within the guidelines of a conceptual work.


Soundscapes: Puente