Oscar “TATA” Ceballos

Oscar “TATA” Ceballos


He has a degree in music from the Universidad de Caldas (2007), and a master's degree in design and interactive creation from the Universidad de Caldas. Composer of music for audiovisual and stage with 15 years of experience in theater, music for documentaries, short films and telematic music. Multi instrumentalist, has participated in groups of a wide range of genres, ranging from black metal to vallenato and Colombian Andean music, was a researcher in the Sensor laboratory of the design department of the University of Caldas for 6 years and at the same time acquired experience as a multimedia artist with participation in international events for 5 consecutive years, including International Image Festival and ISEA.  


Soundscapes: “Tele Espacios Activos IX” (Tormenta)