Oscar Rojas Ramirez

Oscar Rojas Ramirez



PhD Candidate in Design and Creation and Master in Design and Interactive Creation from the University of Caldas-Colombia, specialist in Media Arts from the University of Córdoba-Argentina, specialist in Education from the Autonomous University of Colombia, Publicist and Graphic Designer, with emphasis on digital processes and animation.

Experience of more than 15 years as a teacher, where he has developed various activities and held different positions, as a leader in the area of technology in academic programs of graphic design and arts, he has been a professor, part-time, full-time and full-time, His academic experience encompasses different professional programs, such as graphic design, advertising, communication, industrial design, and arts, where he has directed academic spaces that have to do with the development of digital images, web and multimedia design, animation, and moving images. He has participated in research projects as principal investigator and co-investigator, where he has focused his research work on the development, conception and production of content for different media and the generation of interactive processes. He is a member of the research group "Communication , Culture and Technology” of the Faculty of Communication Sciences of the Los Libertadores University Institution.

His development as a professional has been framed in digital design processes, working as a multimedia director, as a graphic and creative designer in advertising agencies and as an animator and animation director in projects aimed at television series, web series and multimedia pieces.