On Space Curves as a Substrate for Audiovisual Composition

On Space Curves as a Substrate for Audiovisual Composition

Lance Putnam / United Kingdom
University of London

In this talk, I present the use of spatial curves as a fundamental construction for audiovisual composition. Curves provide an attractive starting point for audiovisual synthesis, as they provide a natural translation between sound and graphics.

Systems for producing curves for art, design, and scientific research date back to at least the 18th century, and we see similar constructions persisting through mechanical, electronic, and digital technologies. Digital technologies break with the past allowing a precise and interactive control of these curves that allows a much more adjusted perceptual-computational circuit.

Contemporary uses of spatial curves will be presented through my own audiovisual compositions and collaborative projects, including the recent “Mutator VR” virtual reality experience that plunges the user into a multitude of procedurally generated sci-fi alien worlds.