Nueve Voltios

Nueve Voltios


Nueve Voltios is a duo composed by Mache (singer, sound artist and industrial designer) and Leo González (architect, video artist and VJ). Duo that intervene transversal spaces, with scenic proposals that embrace technology, video, music, film, architecture and performance, to create audiovisual pieces with themes related to telecommunications, spatial poetics and contemporary social phenomena.

Winners of the Digital Collaboration Fund 2021 grant from British Arts, in conjunction with the ZU/UK collective from the UK and Lá da Favelinha from Brazil. Nueve Voltios has presented their works in important international cultural spaces, such as Compass Festival 2019 (UK), ZUUK London (UK), Centro Cultural Hangar UAQ Querétaro (MEX), Teatro SESC Pinheiros (BR), Planetário do Ibirapuera (BR), Planetario Carmo (BR), Hacienda Arte & Tecnología (BR); and nationally in the space NCARTE 2021, El Salón de Arte y Tecnología VOLTAJE, in the Teatro Domo del Planetario de Bogotá, Domo Maloka Museo Interactivo, Espacio Odeón, Teatro Faenza, Museo de Arte Moderno de Bogotá, Mapa Teatro, among others, and participated in outstanding artistic circuits such as NCLab 2018, Improfest 2018 (BR), ArtBo Weekend 2017, ArtBo 2016.

Nueve Voltios directed the audiovisual production of Festivales al Parque 2020, with a series of broadcasts of national and international artists, becoming the first edition of music festivals made online. Among its upcoming projects, Nueve Voltios will continue to present its works in festivals and art, science and technology exhibitions; national and international musical, performative and transmedial scenarios.

Recently Nueve Voltios started its Stargate Tour in Brazil, Mexico, South America and Europe, with a series of performances and art exhibitions in important spaces specialized in electronic art and immersive theater such as Oi Futuro in Brazil and ZU-UK in U.K and the University of Greenwich in London 2023 2024.