“Nodos Transmedia”

“Nodos Transmedia”

Ana Teresa Arciniegas y Norberto Fabian Diaz (Colombia)

The storytelling proposal consists of an interactive documentary, a dataweb and a podcast. The interactive documentary brings together a network of people who have been involved with transmedia in Colombia (filmmakers, producers, designers, programmers, academics, agents and jurors), a polyphony of voices that interrelate discourses, concepts and practices related to the creation, development, audiences, markets and circulation of transmedia proposals made in the country.

The Data web is made up of a graph or set of nodes that present the information of the transmedia projects tracked in the country since 2008. The information of the graph does not have a linear reading, its navigation allows filters by year, genre, expanded products, nominations, awards, themes, among others.

Finally, the podcast expands on the experience of the filmmakers by explaining the particularities of expanded products such as hybrid reality, offline experiences, etc. Each of the proposals that make up the storytelling experience is complemented on multiple platforms, building a network of nodes of the transmedia universe in Colombia. The multiplatform experience will change according to the device in which it is navigated.

Link: http://nodostransmedia.com/