Colombia / 12 min. / Digital / 2020

DIRECTION: Alejandra Caicedo, PM, Juliecore and Verónica Rincón / PRODUCTION: Lakras Nea Gonorrea / CHOREOGRAPHY: Verónica Rincón, PM / DIRECTION OF PHOTOGRAPHY: Cristhian Granados, Felipe Triana / SOUND DESIGN: Balita / ART DIRECTION: Lakras, Nea Gonorrea, Otrus extraviadus.

Neus Lakraviaus is a dance-performance-fashion-multimedia-cine-fiction portal. 

A sensory journey into the void and the multiple powers of its images of posthuman bodies in motion. Where the video transforms and turns around for personal encounters with the viewer, slowly inserting itself through their pores and retinas to unleash an astral and cybernetic journey. Together we fall freely into our delirious