"No one will come to rescue us"

"No one will come to rescue us"

Juan Carlos Garcia-Sampedro Ferrero (Spain)

Sometimes the vertigo of not knowing what awaits us confronts us with forces that are outside ourselves, but everything seems to indicate that we must have faith. Faith in whom or in whom? Faith in what? When storms, armies or meteorites advance and the only thing that inhabits us is vertigo, there is a nothingness that leaves us out in the open and the only thing left is the determination to reach the other side of the human struggle.

The universe seems to tell us: this was the world, your world. Remember it beyond time. And we know that no one will come to our rescue. And, it seems, it all boils down to the immateriality of modern man in the face of adversity.

No one is prepared to do what is necessary to survive, beyond the influence of the mass media or the construct of sects or religions. Who is responsible for our lives? Who is to blame for our own unrest?