Music on a bound string no. 2 installation requirements & layout

Music on a bound string no. 2 installation requirements & layout

Alba Triana / Colombia

Music on a tempered string is not part of a series of musical installations that reflect on a fundamental question:

Is the act of listening inseparable from the musical experience? Is it essential that sound travel through the air and the sea perceived by our ears so that it can become music? In search of an answer, this composition experiences with the fact of not being audible. Using a speaker, an audio signal excites a string, allowing the sound material to manifest visually through the string. The work invites and observes a detailed discourse, conceived in a musical way, which consists of a slow and meditative process of transformation and complexity of a visible sound wave. Additionally, and taking into account the visual nature of the piece, the light is explored as a structural parameter of the composition.

By projecting a luminous ray into the moving string, the waves of light and interactive sound, unifying in a single vibration that unfolds sophisticated reflections. Behind the sculpture, in a two-dimensional plane is reflected the shadow of the moving rope and the speaker. This plan not only installs, but reflects its multidimensional nature: a piece of music, in sculpture format, is reflected in a two-dimensional plane and performs temporarily, visually and spatially.