Michel Boizot and Alejandra Buitrago Grajales

Michel Boizot


Co-founder of the Trio d'Argent and laureate of the Yehudi Menuhin Foundation. From Benin to Gabon, via Cameroon, the Central African Republic and Chad, Michel Boizot discovered music in Africa. Upon his arrival in France, he entered the Strasbourg Conservatory where he obtained first prize in flute and chamber music and then a Higher Diploma in Concert Music at the Normal School of Music in Paris.

Flutist and piccolist in various Parisian orchestras, he decided to dedicate himself to chamber music from the creation of the Trio d'Argent; With this ensemble he performs concerts all over the world and plays in particular with Jean Pierre Rampal, Alain Marion, Maxence Larrieu, Benoît Fromanger, Sophie Cherrier, among others. 

After a period of concerts and record productions dedicated to classical music, he participated with the Trio d'Argent in the creation of numerous concert-shows; This ensemble thus becomes a great promoter of the creation of contemporary music for flute, working and recording works by composers such as Thierry Pécou, Ton That Tiet and Luc Ferrari. In addition to these numerous international tours, Michel Boizot also gives master classes in China, Japan, Korea, Vietnam, Brazil, Mexico and Colombia.


Alejandra Buitrago Grajales


Graduated in Music from the University of Caldas. He received his Diploma of Musical Studies (DEM) with an emphasis in Transverse Flute and Chamber Music at the Jacques Thibaud Conservatory and a Master's Degree in History and Analysis of the Performing Arts -Music, Dance and Theater- at Michel Montaigne University in Bordeaux, France; At the same time, he specialized in the interpretation of the Transverse Flute at the Fontenay-aux-Roses conservatories with Maestro Patrice Bocquillon and with the flutists of the Trio d'Argent, in Paris, France.

In 2014 she was the winner of First Place in the "Leopold Bellan International Music Competition" in Paris. In 2016 he received an Honor Award at the 17th Edition of the "TIM -International Music Tournament" in Turin" -Italy and Second Place in the "Osaka International Music Competition" in Osaka Japan; among others.

She currently works as a professor of Transverse Flute at the University of Caldas, is a member of the Contemporary Music Ensemble of the University of Caldas and Principal Flutist of the Caldas Symphony Orchestra.