D.A. Restrepo-Quevedo / Roberto Cuervo / Jorge Camacho / Edgar Hernandez / Juanita Gonzalez-Tobon (Colombia) Mesa C – Conectografías

This work proposes a reconstruction of the metacognitive process through the learning process of design disciplines. For its realization, the researchers have conducted a review of design logs in which it was possible to identify typical patterns of designers in training at the time of learning the discipline.

The method used was an interpretation of the multimodal records included in the logs by the students. The ways in which mental models are externalized and how the dimension of learning according to their interests influences the resulting level were interpreted.

The development of this scenario took place in the design disciplines (graphic and industrial), trying to identify how the mental model is configured and with what types of semiotic resources. Thus, an interpretative model is reconstructed to identify under what parameters the modes of external representation are developed and how they are used to strengthen the processes of reflection, self-management and self-regulation of the learned process.

By this we mean that the process of constructing a mental model is nothing more than an intersubjective process in that it is constructed with the view of different conceptual components, but that it makes sense to those who are learning.