Presented by: Jessica Arianne Rodriguez

Tuesday, May 25th 19:00 pm

MEMORIAS is an artistic project where six slogans were developed for audiovisual creation that can be accessed through the following website (an online and networked platform for live coding developed at McMaster University). 

The project explores how speech, in its written form, can be used as an interface that allows interpreters to communicate with the computer and the audience. In parallel, speech – in its sound mode – expands the possibilities of spoken literature by producing unlimited variations of the “original” autobiographical stories. For this presentation, a performance recording was made from start to finish. For the sound part, three of six esolangs were used (Read, Write and Observe) and for the visual part, CineCer0 and Hydra (both available on the Estuary platform) were used.

This project is part of the Stimulus Program for Artistic Creation and Development of Michoacán (PECDAM'18), in Mexico. It was developed with the help of the Networked Imagination Laboratory [NIL] and SSHRC grant at McMaster University in Hamilton, Canada. This project belongs to the platform Additional credits: Victoria Wojciechowska (English voice), Rolando Rodríguez (Spanish voice), Iracema de Andrade (cello).