«Memory and Reintegration Walking and Healing»

«Memory and Reintegration Walking and Healing»

Jorge Norvey Alvarez Rios (Colombia)

The construction of peace in Colombia implies truth, reconciliation and the will of the people; not only the signing of agreements. It is essential to listen to the voices of all actors: victims, women, youth, peasants, indigenous people and, why not, those who were part of the illegal armed groups.

This is not with the aim of justifying their deeds, but only to know the truth and recognize how they are currently building peace through the reintegration process. It is precisely the narratives that can show a before, during and after the armed conflict.

It is for this reason that the documentary-type audiovisual product called "Memory and reintegration: walking and healing" was born, which is derived from a research project that shows the reconstruction of historical memory of the reintegration process in the Coffee Region from the voices of ex-combatants of armed groups. This project is financed by Minciencias and the National Center for Historical Memory.