MEI – Music for flutesArturo Higa Taira

MEI – Music for flutesArturo Higa Taira 

Patricia Garcia / Juliana Moreno / Leonardo Zimmerman



MEI – music for flutes It is made up of flutists Patricia García and Juliana Moreno. Since the beginning of its activity in 2002, MEI has generated a space for the production of unpublished music as a result of a process of compilation, premiere and dissemination of contemporary music for flutes, with special interest in the work of Argentine and Latin American composers. . The repertoire is made up of works from the second half of the 20th and 21st centuries and others composed especially for the duo, the product of collaborative work that MEI permanently establishes with composers. The duo's concerts are conceived in a space where each work inhabits a visual context assembled with various resources: image projection, lighting and stage setting processes that intervene in the space.

Leonardo Zimmermann: Argentine composer and visual artist based in Buenos Aires, Argentina, dedicated to the development of visual environments and digital audio software for linking music and visual art in real time. He studied musical composition at the Faculty of Musical Arts and Sciences of the Universidad Católica Argentina. He is currently studying postgraduate studies in the Transdepartmental Area of Multimedia Arts of the National University of the Arts, an institution where he has received a scholarship in recognition of his studies.