Maritza Rincon

Maritza Rincon


Social communicator with studies in Cultural Management. Film and TV producer with 20 years of experience in the development and production of audiovisual content.

Founding partner of the Colombian company Fosfenos Media, where she has produced the animated feature film ¨El Libro de Lila¨, six seasons of the animated series ¨Guillermina y Candelario¨, the short film ¨El pescador de estrellas¨, 8 documentary clips for Sesame workshop about Colombian children, the animated series ¨Valentine¨ and ¨Yo te adopto¨ for Canal Capital and the hybrid series ¨Historias en juego¨ for the Ministry of Culture of El Salvador.

Producer of the feature film ¨Chocó¨ directed by Jhonny Hendrix and produced by Antorcha Films, field producer of the feature film ¨Los colores de la montaña¨ directed by Carlos Cesar Arbeláez and produced by El Bus producciones, Production manager of the films ¨En Coma¨ directed by Juan David Restrepo and Henry Rivero, from Antorcha Films, ¨Yo soy otro¨, directed by Oscar Campo from Enic Producciones and ¨El Rey¨ directed by Antonio Dorado.

Currently developing his second animated feature ¨El susurro del mar¨, the web series ¨The Kitchen¨, the animated series ¨León el camaleón¨ and the documentary ¨Crecer¨.