María Camila Gómez

María Camila Gómez


She was born in 1995 and her origins are in El Santuario, a municipality in eastern Antioquia. There she begins to discover the world between the mountains of a town crossed by the Medellin-Bogota highway and what this implies: a great proximity with the rural and peasant world, but also with the city at only 60 kilometers.

She cried when she was taken to school and asked her parents not to go back, so after several failed attempts at a different school, and with four or five other children, she was one of the founding students of a school called "Aire Libre". She didn't cry at school anymore and was finally able to start socializing with other people. That's when the world began to open up and literature became an important part of her life and her view of the world.

As a teenager, in addition to his love for literature, she realized that another great vital attraction was in "seeing", so cinema became a strong fascination and photography became a hobby that she was interested in exploring.

In 2013, looking for a profession that mixed letters and audiovisuals, she entered the Communication and Audiovisual Languages program at the University of Medellin. From there she graduates in 2018, the same year in which she takes a Documentary Film workshop at the International School of Film and TV in San Antonio de los Baños, Cuba. There, at the age of 23, she discovers how much she loves academia, sitting and talking with other people about the topics she is passionate about, or simply exchanging trivia. She also assumes as truth something that she did not know if it was entirely possible and that is the possibility of living from what she loves, doing a job that fills her existence and at the same time provides the necessary economic resources.

In 2019 she moves to Bogota to face a new work and life challenge, she settles in downtown Bogota; there the world expands again amidst the cold, the hostility of the capital and the beauty of its streets and everyday scenes. In 2020, with the outbreak of the Coronavirus pandemic, her enthusiasm for the city and its possibilities is limited and her desire to get to know the city grows. In 2022 she continues to walk the streets of downtown Bogota, looking for scenes, memories and stories to keep in her memory.


Cinema (&) Digital: “Los colores del níspero”