Manuel Zuniga

Manuel Zuniga



Research artist, curator and university professor. Master of Plastic Arts. Specialist in Environmental Administration of Coastal Zones. Master in Development and Culture. PhD student in Complex Thought. For Academic SACES Ministry of Education. Peer evaluator and Junior Researcher of MinSciences. Director of the Museum of Art and Environment - MuMar, Cartagena de Indias (2012-2017). Research Coordinator UTADEO Caribbean Section (2015-2018). Director of the Rafael Núñez House Museum, Cartagena de Indias. (2018-2020), currently, technical and strategic advisor to the Institute of Heritage and Culture of Cartagena - IPCC.

With experience in the conceptualization, formulation and coordination of artistic and cultural projects and events, such as the 42nd National Salon of Artists "Independientemente" (2010-2011), the video art category of the Cartagena International Film Festival - FICCI (2009-2012 ), and the project Living Laboratories of Innovation and Culture - LAVIC (2015-2017). 

Recent, his investigative process articulates issues of art and culture with environmental concerns and historical memory. His creative process values artistic practices where post-production, collective and relational creation processes take place. He has multiple publications on art, culture, development, environment and symbolic repair processes.