"Keep the coffee hot"

"Keep the coffee hot"

Juan Carlos Garcia-Sampedro Ferrero (Spain)

A denunciation of the objectification of women, especially in the audiovisual media, cinema and advertising. The image of women is usually represented as an assistant to men, a figure that serves for men to develop their role, express their concerns and make visible their leading role in the film or in the corresponding audiovisual product. Rarely does her role have its own profile and defined independently from the one played by the male protagonist, and it is often a simple stage show.

I have worked from audiovisual appropriation, specifically with the 1939 film "Only angels have wings" by Howard Howks. In it, two women are represented in a clearly masculine and risky world, aviators of the time in a complicated area. Two women in principle very liberal, as they are shown traveling alone in Latin America. However, none of them has an occupation except that of being the concern or encouragement of the male cast.

Neither has a differentiated role but are subordinate to men. I have chosen the film as an effective and perfect example of the representation of this female image in cinema, where both women are interchangeable and where a romance ends in humiliation.