The times are heard between them

The times are heard between them

The Times that are heard between them is a sound/light installation, designed as a musical clock, which simultaneously reproduces three natural rhythms in a cyclical manner. Each one of these times corresponds to different speeds* at which the water flows in different environments: infiltrating a porous rock soil, traversing a network of underground cavities and rising with the tide attracted by the moon. These rhythms evoke their interdependence and coexistence through a melody that melts them together. The rock soft (clay) and then petrified into ceramic is used as a resonant object and


This work is part of the artist's research The cosmos inside the Earth, in around the cenotes of Yucatan, Mexico.

  • The three specific velocities were taken from scientific studies of karstic ecosystems in the Yucatan Peninsula (Mexico) and converted to cm/min:
    1. The fastest corresponds to the average speed of a drop of water when traversing the rocky ceiling of a cenote closed. From an average of 30-45 mm/min, 30 were taken.
    2. The intermediate speed corresponds to the change of tide due to the effect of the moon. From an average of 10-15 meters every 12 hours, 10 were taken.
    3. The slowest corresponds to the average speed at which the water flows inside the cenotes. Of a average of 1-2 cm/min was taken 1.

For purposes of human perception their speeds were proportionally doubled.