«The colors of the medlar»

«The colors of the medlar»

Daniel Huertas Nadal / Maria Camila Gomez (Colombia)

De viviendas y nispereros' and 'Estrategias de Proyecto para la construcción de Hábitat en las Comunidades Negras y Campesinas de la Región Caribe', are the projects with which Daniel Huertas Nadal, professor of the Faculty of Architecture and Design of the Universidad de los Andes, has been working for the last three years with the community of El Níspero in the Montes de María.

With them, he has sought to elaborate collaborative strategies and project systems for habitat construction applicable to the community's life plans.

This documentary captures the color of the life of the Ma-Majarí Community Council, the warmth of the nispereros, the meaning of their smiles, their dance, their houses, their dreams. Thanks to its people, its kuagros, its board of directors, these voices that speak of identity, culture and ethno-development, have made possible a space for participation.

From the recognition of the community, the research has been oriented towards the contribution of community empowerment and social participation in the construction of a cultural identity route that allows the communities to remain in the territory with dignity.