what remains

Presented by: clementine cricket

what remains is a set of panoramas where landscapes between Switzerland and Colombia are combined, taking as a starting point the reportage Trips. Souvenirs from Switzerland* by Colombian writer Soledad Acosta de Samper (1833 - 1913). By averaging images of these countries, landscapes are created that link Samper's narration with possible counterpart landscapes located in Colombia. In this way, imaginary spaces are represented that expose what is described and what is inhabited, in distant times and contexts. 

This is a project that uses a literary legacy from the 19th century and current digital tools. The final result consists of a set of animations built with images created in Python and presented as a virtual collage. In this way, dynamic panoramas are configured that respond to a computational interpretation of the landscape. 

In this project, differences are blurred and common elements are highlighted; it is an invitation to think about agreements and similarities that configure habitable places with possible new narratives. 

*Report written by Soledad Acosta, published in The woman(1878 -1881), a Bogota publication founded by Acosta to give advice, instruct, entertain and defend the rights of Colombian women (Gil, 2016).