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Líneas Invisibles

Líneas Invisibles

Colombia / 25 min. / Video / 2020
Spanish with English subtitles

DIRECTION: Wilson Arango Giraldo / PRODUCTION COMPANY: Animal Films / Producers: Wilson Arango Giraldo, Edna Juliet Sierra Duque / SCRIPT: Wilson Arango Giraldo, Edna Juliet Sierra Duque / DIRECTOR OF PHOTOGRAPHY: Wilson Arango Giraldo, Edna Juliet Sierra Duque / SOUND DESIGN: Carlos Andrés Arcila Porras / MUSIC: Karina Calle Gil, Arnold Muñoz, Michael Andrey Yepes / MONTAGE: Wilson Arango Giraldo

In an editing room, in front of a timeline, the director explains how the editing of this film essay that explores resistance through artistic, cultural and social creation in Medellin (Colombia), a city delimited by invisible lines, should look like. In this work, the documentary filmmaker brings us closer to his craft, his thoughts during the creative process and his work as an author to present stories that want to be made invisible, narratives that feed the mutism. An interesting exercise between the construction of the discourse and the discourse itself.