Laura Ricardo de Salles

Laura Ricardo de Salles


Artist and researcher in Art and Technology

Professor at the Graduate Program in Cultural Performances/UFG/Federal University of Goiás, assistant coordinator of the 10 Dimensions Project in partnership with Media Lab/UFG/BR. Postdoctoral fellow at Media Lab/UFG/Universidade Federal de Goiás in 2018.

Member of the Iberoamerican group Holos ( Emerging artist in the area of art and technology, with participation in academic, national and international artistic events.

Participated in the interactive work in NET ART Paisajes Virales, proposal of the group Holos de Geofonia (Uruguay, Colombia, Brazil, Spain), presented in the international sound show Exposición Internacional de Arte Sonora # HD19, Medellín 2020; .

Also in the PANORAMA EXPO , exhibition linked to the events VIII SIIMI/International Symposium on Innovation in Interactive Media, #20.ART, BunB/8vo Balance-Ambalance Arte + ciência x tecnologia=medio ambiente/ responsabilidad at the Faculty of Fine Arts of the Polytechnic University of Valencia in June 2021, among other exhibitions.


Cinema (&) Digital: «Waters of the sea»