The jaws

The jaws

Colombia / 15 min. / Digital / 2020

Spanish with English subtitles

DIRECTOR: Mauricio Maldonado / PRODUCTION COMPANY: Cosmódromo Cine / PRODUCER: Jenny David / DIRECTED PHOTOGRAPHY: Mario Barrios / DIRECT SOUND: Alejandro Escobar / ART DIRECTOR: Elizabeth Rendón / COSTUME: Sebastián Montaño / SOUND DESIGN: Silverwolf Studios / MUSIC: Jaime Carvajal / SPECIAL EFFECTS: Juan Camilo Valenzuela.

As José Luis Marzo would say: "every mist breathes a chilling beauty". Las Fauces is a sensory exploration of violence in an enigmatic territory charged with tension and mysticism. The mist blurs the boundaries between reality and fantasy, enveloping the protagonist in a luminous way in a suspended universe torn between chaos and apparent harmony. Deivis, a lonely adolescent, finds an injured body, a young man who belongs to the world of the dead, the closeness between them is refulgent, it is the longing for a new family as a dream of times past. Loneliness becomes a riddle in the encounter with another, in the encounter with oneself.