Black Velvet Laboratory

Black Velvet Laboratory


It is a company founded in 1997 with the purpose of creating audiovisual projects and products. The organization seeks to satisfy the needs of the entire production chain of the cinematographic medium through its different business units: VELVET DRAGONFLY, Research and production of audiovisual products; VELVET EXPERIENCE, Design and organization of audiovisual material exhibition events that contribute to the formation of audiences; VELVET JELLYFISH, Distribution and commercialization of audiovisual material; VELVET VOICE Promotion and dissemination of film material and events.

The company is widely recognized in the Colombian film sector thanks to the work and results obtained by its different projects. With its four business units, it seeks to offer its clients a comprehensive portfolio that provides a complete solution to their different needs. Depending on the project, the four units are interrelated to accompany new filmmakers from their first steps, offering them the opportunity to exhibit their first works until they reach the consolidation of their professional career; in other cases, they offer the opportunity to make themselves known and attract new audiences; or improve its impact within the final consumer of the product.

Producers of the Bogotá Short Film Festival / Festival de Cortos de Bogotá, BOGOSHORTS, and IMAGINATON, Audiovisual Production Marathon. Communications Agency of FICCI - International Festival of Cartagena de Indias, of the French Film Festival, Zinema Zombie, Digital Communications Advisors of PROIMAGENES Colombia and campaign directors of more than 50 Colombian films in the last 15 years.