"Life moves us"

"Life moves us"

Cesar Castiblanco Laurada(Colombia)

Life moves us has been conceived and executed as a transmedia project, because in its nature is the intention to communicate the same essence, which inspires the purpose of CHEC Grupo EPM to "contribute to the harmony of life for a better world". from and for the diversity of internal and external audiences of the company.

Thus, just as the light that the company generates, transmits, distributes and markets is divided into a kaleidoscope of colors, the contribution to life is expressed in a service of excellent quality, responsibility to the environment and commitment to people.

Each of these three components of the same brand territory are illustrated with traces materialized in images, sounds and digital creations that, in the midst of their diversity, dance in unison in the daily celebration that is life itself, even when we often go unnoticed.

And it is from this spirit of dance that this project was born, from a co-creative process between communities, university and company, as a result of which today it is possible that, despite any adversity that happens in the world, Life moves us.