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La Siesta Del Carnero

La Siesta Del Carnero

Chile, Spain / 18 min. / Digital / 2020
Spanish with English subtitles

DIRECTION: Valeria Hofmann Torres / PRODUCTION COMPANY: BRISA / PRODUCERS: Pascual Mena, Joaquín Echeverría, Rodrigo Díaz / SCRIPT: Valeria Hofmann Torres, Lucía Naval / DIRECTOR OF PHOTOGRAPHY: Valeria Hofmann Torres / DIRECT SOUND: Valeria Hofmann Torres / SOUND MIXING: Roberto Zúñiga de SONAMOS / MUSIC: Rodrigo Gaete / GRAPHIC DESIGN: Lucía Naval

Inside an old apartment in Madrid, Lucia and Valeria draw three Tarot cards that reveal the first two courses of a menu. Without leaving the apartment, the two friends travel from Embún, Spain, to Llanquihue, Chile. These are the towns of their grandmothers, the only ones who know the recipes revealed by the cards. Through still lifes, maps and video calls, these two witches try to discover the meaning of the third card through an improvised ritual that will connect both continents in a completely different way.