The Recovery of Empty Spaces and the Role of Emerging Technologies

The Recovery of Empty Spaces and the Role of Emerging Technologies

Barbara London | United States

Asher Remy-Toledo | Colombia – United States

During this presentation, renowned curator Barbara London-founder of the New Media Department at the Museum of Modern Art in New York-will informally discuss with Asher Remy-Toledo his experiences as founder of Hyphen Hub, a New York-based multi-disciplinary non-profit organization that explores, promotes, and presents new visions of the future through the integration of art and emerging technologies, such as augmented and virtual realities to artificial intelligence, FashionTech, bionics, robotics, and cyborgism.

Hyphen Hub produces innovative live performances, organizes art salons and curates exhibitions with new media artists. The organization serves as a nexus between these creative practices and global entities such as universities, science institutes, arts festivals, the United Nations, Broadway, and embassy cultural departments.

Previously Remy Toledo co-founded No Longer Empty, an organization created in New York whose mission was to activate urban vacant spaces through on-site art installations and educational programming.

The organization was conceived as an artistic response to an economic recession and its effect on the urban landscape and the national psyche. The success of No Longer Empty in New York inspired other cities around the world and became a model for community economic, social, and cultural development.