Showcase: “Kon Tiki, el sol en el sur.”

Showcase: “Kon Tiki, el sol en el sur.”

Julián Andrés Restrepo Buitrago (Colombia)

The live proposal aims to evoke futuristic dreamscapes that contrast and invite the listener to build memory through the perceptions of a space that is lost in history.

The transit of the forgotten and erased pre-Columbian memory in a homogeneous miscegenation, the cries of a modern society and the messages of resistance of a territory in constant sonorous tension with its heritage and its present, and the futuristic music made by machines in a generic and random cadence, build atmospheres and recreate environments that, like everything on planet earth, also go around the sun. 

The direct relation of this work with the Sur-Tropias intends to recreate in broken soundscapes, an invitation to movement. Intricate sound postcards loaded with glitches that mix sampling of Mars captures and the chants of the Colombian indigenous communities. Percussions in syncopations loaded with rhythm in contrast with spatial synthesizers sustained in frequencies dissident from western tonalities.

Elements that ultimately end up exposing an eclectic view of existence on planet earth that determine the magic of life in equilibrium, an event that only happens, as far as we humans can understand, on the planet we inhabit.