Juliana Hernandez Salcedo

Juliana Hernandez Salcedo

She is a Sociologist from the National University of Colombia, in recent years she has participated in social research processes for the characterization of different communities from participatory and collaborative scenarios. He currently coordinates the Creative Spaces work team at BibloRed with whom he has opened new meeting opportunities for the rural and urban community of Bogotá from the co-creation laboratories in Public Libraries. In addition, it leads community processes based on the principle learning by doing together with boys, girls, adolescents and young people in the scout movement.

The District Network of Public Libraries and Non-Conventional Reading Spaces of Bogotá, BibloRed, is a program of the Bogotá Secretary of Culture, Recreation and Sports that aims for citizens to have the possibility of approaching books, writing, culture, research, science, technology and innovation. In addition, its spaces are open for the public construction of knowledge and the cultural empowerment of communities.

LABCO is an experimental open space, which accommodates research, the dialogue of knowledge and innovation. It arises to meet the needs of the community and BibloRed's interest in offering spaces that support and contribute to the social appropriation of science, technology and innovation, providing users with a place to develop projects and prototypes, it is a place for be inspired, recognized, experiment with the other and communicate ideas, initiatives, projects and solutions. The LABCO room is a commitment to social and citizen innovation, which will allow us to develop projects and initiatives to provide solutions to common problems.

At LABCO we understand all people as creative and doers, we seek to link communities through collaborative work where all knowledge and ways of being meet to discover countless possibilities.