Julian Cardona

Julian Cardona


Deejay, musician and electronic producer, graduated from the Conservatory of Fine Arts at the Universidad de Caldas, who began his training since 2005. His interest in electronic music led him to enter fully into the musical world by merging the art of deejaying with the creation of live electronic music.

His first official release was for the Australian label Exit Row, a subdivision of Vacation Records and from then on he continued his composition work for independent labels of the Colombian electronic dance scene. He contributed in the development of music training programs in Digital Audio and Electroacoustics for the Universidad de Caldas and created the electronic music programs for Batuta Moog Caldas.

In 2016 he left his role as a teacher to dedicate himself fully to his musical project called Julian Cardona - Música Para La Vida, since then he has not stopped presenting original compositions of live electronic music and hybrid Deejay sessions using different instruments as accompaniment.

With the support of Banco de la República


Soundscapes: “Piel de Bahareque”