Julián Andrés Restrepo Buitrago

Julián Andrés Restrepo Buitrago


He developed his sound in Bogota since 2017 influenced by bodega parties, released two albums with strong influence of industrial techno pretending to evoke the capital's streetscapes ('El olor del asfalto secando' 2019 and 'Aventuras de la Caracas' 2019).

In 2020 he returns to his hometown to build a more mature sound that explores his roots with the landscape and nature. During the pandemic he releases singles with Colombian labels such as Underzone and Exotérmica, as well as an EP with RAW QUARTER, a Bogota-based label based in Barcelona, Spain. 

In 2021 and 2022 he releases an EP with the Italian label Industrial Techno United and a single with the Frances Coalition label. This last facet explores more ambient electronic sounds, using sampling techniques with glitches and building landscapes, postcards and sound bridges that link the native songs of the Colombian lands with strident sounds of the stratosphere and contemporary factories.

His latest work is focused on the construction of a live performance with analog and digital instruments that combines different forms of sampling and digital composition that oscillate between classical western tonalities, pre-Columbian sounds and electronic dance music.


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